Dizzines recORDS


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Dizzines Records was founded in 2011 by producer Blakoke.
As an alternative to the commercial tags of the
Breakbeat genre being more underground from the south of Spain.
Special for their songs bangers and their songs outside the current style starting the mainstream.
Here have debuted or edited many of the current
breakbeat tops of the world being part of the history of breakbeat nominated for the best label in the breakspoll awards and the IBA Awards...
Now in the future we have focused on the underground scene with
Drum N Bass and Breakbeat.
SINCE 2011


Artists who have published with us: 

Adrenalinez, Amplex, Blakoke, Blond, Brokeen Styleers, Carrera, Cellardore, Comandbass, Crashed Mind, Daka, Danny Lacronix, Deadlow, Dickin, DJ 818, Dj Karpin, Evilbeat, FeelMadness, Final Feverz, Fuk Dakz, Golden Beats, D-Panda King, Gosize, Guitar Beats, John S, KR3, Kryptonate, Kurse, Lanz, Levis, M Knowledge, Michael J, MohanRave, Mr Kenyiro, Mr.Breaker, NatBeat, Noemi & Yera W, NukBreakz, Otter, Paket, Pavane, Pika Pika, Pux, RapterBreak, ReleverBreak, Rich Hood & Alex Lawrence, Rusty, Shade K, Shreddz, Sylverfortem, T-Rex, T.B.S, Tasty Brain, Tenax, The Master Line, The Rexy, The South Boyz, Trilo, UKN, Under Break, Valle, Vampyr, Voltage, Woter, Xcomdreik, Xisan, Xtreme Project and Yera W.